All Mizoram Farmers' Union


1. All Mizoram Farmers Union is doing organic certification under the Spices Board of India. The selected members of AMFU from various villages of N. Lungpher, Dulte, Khawzawl and Chawngtlai, Kawnpui, Bualpui, Hortoki, who have been cultivating organic ginger are given Subsidy @ Rs. 12,500 /- per Hectare under Organic Ginger Cultivation Scheme. And also under Organic Cultivation of Lakadong Turmeric 18 villages are included for the organic certification. This organic certification beng done under the Organic Certifying Agency named USOCA. This certifying agency will give the certificate to the AMFU after the organic farms are fully converted.

2. In Collaboration with Spices Board of India, Large Cardamom sprouts were given to the farmers of Champhai, N. Vanlaiphai, Mualcheng, Leng, East Lungdar villages along with Subsidy of Rs 17,500 per Hectare.

3. As we have received fund from National Medicinal Plants Board, Awareness Campaign drive was done in collaboration with State Medicinal Plants Board covering all the District of Mizoram.

4. Due to enforcement of Total Prohibition Act in Mizoram Grape farmers in Mizoram were facing problems on marketing of their products on the pretext that the Juice contain high percentage of Alcohol. AMFU Gen. Hqrs. has started selling of pure and genuine Grape Juice in a reasonable price from our Office.

5. Since 2002 AMFU has been promoting Silk Warm Rearing and Mulberry Plantation among the farmers. During the year 2002 the total product of Mizoram was around 100 quintals but now it is increased to 350 quintals and above. Every year there are around 1 Crore of new Mulberry tree plantations.

6. Since 2002 AMFU has been promoting Silk Warm Rearing and Mulberry Plantation among the farmers. During the year 2002 the total product of Mizoram was around 100 quintals but now it is increased to 350 quintals and above. Every year there are around 1 Crore of new Mulberry tree plantation.

7. In collaboration with NABARD and ICAR, Training on Bio Dynamic Organic Compost was organized at ICAR Complex Kolasib for AMFU Member from three District viz. Champhai, Serchhip and Kolasib.

8. AMFU is selected as PIA (Project Implementing Agency) for IWDP/Haryali Project number V at Lunglei District, the project was taken up since 2006 February and Kolasib V Project since 2008.

9. AMFU Gen. also selected as PIA for IWMP Aizawl-VII at Aizawl district. The project will cost 750 crore covering 5000 hectare. This project will started from 2011.

10. In collaboration with NABARD, AMFU is taking up Project on WADI Model village at Mamit District with a special focus to Tribal people in Mizoram to cover 500 Families in the district. The project mainly focus on livelihood promotion under Horticulture development.

11. Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) one of the foreign funding agencies gave grant to AMFU for development support in project basis. AMFU has selected village of Lungchhuan, Bawktlang, Chekawn, Sialsir and Piller as project Village to demonstrate as Model Village. In this village Self Help Group formation and Slopy Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) Farming practices will be introduced.

12. Mizoram is very rich in Bamboo Forest, the forest Bamboo products are not yet utilized as it should only be only 2% of the Bamboo which have been explored so far. At present most of the Bamboos in Mizoram is exported to Hisdustan Paper Corporation which is the second largest paper Mill in India located at Cachar, more than 60% of the requirement of Cachar Paper Mill is met by Mizoram Bamboo. If Paper Mill could be established in Mizoram a reliable Infrastructure development will help the farmers in income generation by our own Forest products. So, AMFU will be taking necessary action to established Paper Mill in Mizoram.

13. By the initiative of Youth Employment Summit, AMFU as the Host Organisation has organized Personality Development Training in AMFU Office which last for 2 months.Seven persons were sent to Hyderabad to undergo training on Renewable Energy and five persons to Rural Resources Training Centre, Umran Shillong training on Rural Employment (Agriculture). All the objectives of the programmes are capacity Building for youth to enable themselves for sustainability income generation.

14. AMFU has taken up the project of Integrated Bee keeping programme in Mizoram under Ministry of Commerce Government of India through Kejiriwal Bee Care Pvt Ltd India. Presently AMFU has distributed 1200 Bee Hives to the farmers in all the Districts of Mizoram.

15. AMFU has raised Vanilla root cutting to produce Vanilla planting material to the farmers from Nursery in Kolasib. 25,150 Vanilla sprout has been distributed to 209 farmers in the presence of Mr. K. Lalrinliana MLA of Kolasib District.

16. AMFU Mushroom Unit given by Agriculture Minister Mizoram was installed at Serchhip. This machine will give the seeds of Mushroom to be cultivated by the farmers to give them income generation.

17. North East Network organized Training on Advocacy. This training has provided us with a vast knowledge about Advocacy. A future collaboration will be arrange with the North East Network to enhance our knowledge and to be able to practice Advocacy in the development sector.

18. With the financial help from by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Mizoram Regional Office, Aizawl, AMFU constructed Rural Haat (Bazar) at many places in Mizoram. Viz. 1. Lengpui Chiahpui – the roadside of Aizawl to Lengpui Airport. 2. Keifang 3. Dulte 4. Bualpui At present another Rural Haat has been proposed and some are till under construction.

19. Since 2006, Rubber plantation has been implemented successfully in an area of 200 hactare covering 45 families at Hortoki Village – Kolasib District.

20. AMFU has taken up an active role in the ‘Flagship Programme’ of the State Govt. Programme NLUP (New Land Use Policy) for the farmers in 5 Districts & 7 Sub-Div. The remaining 3 districts viz. Aizawl, Serchhip and Mamit districts is yet to be taken up. In collaboration with Agri. & Horti. Deptt. AMFU organized Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness. All these programs were attended by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mizoram Shri Lal Thanhawla along with the concerned Ministers, MLA and other various VIP’s of the Government of Mizoram. The awareness campaign was a great success.

The details are mentioned below :-


  i) Darlawn 20th May ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 ii) Kawnpui 12th June ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 iii) Vairengte 19th June ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 iv) Chawngte 17th Aug ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 v) Tlabung 12th Sept ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 vi) Kolasib 25th Sep ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 vii) Kawrthah 03rd Oct ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 viii) Champhai 09th Oct ‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness & Crop Exhibition

 ix) Khawzawl 17th Nov‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 x) Saiha 7th Nov‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness

 xi) Lawngtlai 18th Nov‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness xii) Lunglei 19th Nov‘09 Farmers meet on NLUP Awareness.

21. AMFU Gen. Hqrs. had sent 10 farmers for Training on Rubber Plantation at RRTC, Rubber Research Training Centre, Hahara, Assam on the 26th to 30th Oct. 2009.

22. The AMFU General Headquarters have constructed Rural Haat at four (4) different places during 2009-2010 under sponsorship of NABAR, Regional Office Aizawl Mizoram. These Rural Haat gives tremendous help to the farmers in selling their agriculture products. Presently, the AMFU Gen. Hqrs. is also constructing Rural Haat at three (3) different places.

23. Green Revolutin Movement was launched by the AMFU in 2008. In this connection, the AMFU Gen. Hqrs. in collaboration with Department of Agricultue and Allied Department organised a two days workshop on Sustainable Agriculture Revolution at Art & Culture Auditorium, Berawtlang. Aizawl during 2nd – 3rd Sept. 2010.

24. A State Level Meeting on WRC Farmers was organised on the 25th Jan 2011 at Aizawl by the AMFU and Department of Agriculture © Mr. Lal Thanhawla, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mizoram has declared 2011 as a year of bumper harvesting for Rice.

25. Presently AMFU General Headquarters is involved in State Government & Boards Committee as mention below :

 (i) High Power Apex Board New Land Use Policy (NLUP)

 (ii) State Level Export Promotion Committee (SLEPC)

 (iii) State Level Nodal Agency (MZWDA)

 (iv) Rural Advisory Committee, All India Radio

 (v) State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB)

 (vi) State Level Expert Committee onMedicinal Plants

 (vii) National Child Labour Campaign Committee

 (viii) State Level Committee on Green Mizoram

 (ix) State Vector Borne Disease Control Society (SVBDCS)

 (x) State Level Agriculture Mass Media Committee

 (xi) State Level Fire Prevention Committee

 (xii) State Level Monitoring Committee

 (xiii) Advisery panel on Agriculture SBI

 (xiv) State Level Rodent Control Committee

 (xv) State Consumer Protection Council

 (xvi) Mizoram Oil Palm Advisory Committee

 (xvii) State Level Monitoring Committee on Oil Palm Nursery

 (xviii) State Level Steering Committee on Micro-Irrigation

 (xix) Mizoram State Planning Board (Special Invitee)

 (xx) Boarder Trade Committee

 (xxi) Joint Electricity regulatory advisory committee (for the states of Manipur & Mizoram)

 (xxii) Member State Level Pest Control Committee

 (xxiii) Sub – Committee on Strategies for Increasing Agriculture Credit

 (xxiv) State Level Task Force of Food Processing Industry

 (xxv) The Mizoram State Innovation Council .

 (xxvi) NLUP Marketing Cell