All Mizoram Farmers' Union

About Us


Background of Organization:

All Mizoram Farmers Union (AMFU) was established in the year 1994 by a group of farmers to take initiative for farmers’ welfare. It has been registered under the Society Act of 1886  vide Registration number SR.199/94/MZ-RFS dated 11th November 1994  and registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Govt. of India, Home Ministry vide Registration  No.304330016.


Historical Prospective of AMFU:

All Mizoram Farmers Union (AMFU) was born out of sheer necessity in the year 1994 for improving traditional method of cultivation on the hill slopes popularly known as Jhum shifting cultivation by using sustainable permanent farming system. The Organization aims to achieve economics stability of the grassroots farmers, at present the organization represents over 70% of the State Population. AMFU is also having its organizational Strength in the entire District of Mizoram.


Organisational goals:

The Organization is putting an effort to bring Economic self sufficiency to each house hold in the state, and to introduce sustainable farming system in Mizoram. The following will be carried out by the organization:


  • To replace shifting Jhum cultivation by settled cultivation.
  • To increase productivity in less productive area.
  • To protect and preserve forest.
  • To conserve soil and water.
  • To preserve and promote ecological balance.
  • To generate sustainable employment through Argo/Forest based industries.
  • To give relief to the poor by improving them with full or part time employment.
  • To enabling groups of women to take up employment – cum income generation programme of their own.
  • To provide support services for further improving training and employment condition of women.
  • To provide land ownership to grass root farmers.
  • To promote Medicinal and herbal plants


Approach and Methodology:

AMFU is striving to carry out by adopting rural technology, and empowering the grassroots people and give training and awareness to village farmers. AMFU will take up the following activities to supplement and support introduction of plants:


  • Development of certified planting material
  • Selection of trade for the farmers with availability of their potential and area wise such as Plants identified.
  • Different training will be given.


Organization Structure:


Main Activities of AMFU: The All Mizoram Farmers Union is taking up many activities to uplift farmers at the grass root level. The main activities are:

Promotion of Income generation.

Promote improve method of farming practices.

Give Training to grassroots farmers on rural technology.

Empowering women in the society.

Promote improve method on post harvest management.

Mobilized resources from Govt. and other agencies.

Promote Medicinal Plants among the farmers



Project under Centrally Sponsored Scheme:

Any Project or Programme to be taken up by AMFU will be strictly monitored and implemented under the Guidance and Technical Supervision of experienced persons. AMFU has taken up the following Projects under Ministry of Land Resource, Government of India.


  • IWMP Aizawl-VII                                         General Headquarters, Aizawl
  • IWMP Aizawl-XXI                              General Headquarters, Aizawl
  • IWMP Lunglei- IV, VII, IX, XIII          Lunglei District Hqrs. Lunglei
  • NWDPRA Tuipawl,    Lunglei          Lunglei District Hqrs. Lunglei
  • IWMP Lawngtlai-XIII                         Lawngtlai District Hqrs. Lawngtlai
  • NWDPRA Vartek, Lawngtlai             Lawngtlai District Hqrs. Lawngtlai
  • Haryali, Kolasib –V                            Kolasib District Hqrs. Kolasib
  • IWMP Kolasib-V, Bungmual             Kolasib District Hqrs. Kolasib
  • NWDPRA(RKVY) Kikva-I                  Champhai District Hqrs. Champhai
  • IWMP Champhai-2                            Champhai District Hqrs. Champhai
  • NWDPRA, Phaipuilui                         Serchhip District Hqrs. Serchhip
  • IWMP Serchhip-V                              Serchhip District Hqrs. Serchhip
  • NWDPRA Phalhrang                         Saiha District Hqrs. Saiha



  1. The Spices Board of India’s scheme – Organic Cultivation of Lakadong Turmeric is implementing in the following villages at present -
  • Venghnuai,
  • Tanhril
  • Durtlang
  • West Phaileng
  • Saitual.
  1. NABARD TDF: AMFU has  the following project at present:

Integrated Wadi Model Project at Mamit District.

  1. Project Cost   :  Rs. 172.35 Lakh
  2. No of Project Baneficiaries  : 500 Tribal families
  3. Project areas : Mamit District.
  4. Project Components for Livelihood intervention:
  • Orange Plantation
  • Banana plantation


  1. Integrated Farming Development Model at Ngopa RD Block, Champhai District:
  1. Project Cost   : Rs. 112.49 Lakhs
  2. No of Project Beneficiaries : 250 Families
  3. Project area : Ngopa RD Block, Champhai District, Mizoram.
  4. Project Components for Livelihood intervention:
  • Broom Grass cultivation
  • Piggery


  1. Integrated Farming Development Model at Lunglei District and Lawngtlai District:
  1. Project Cost : Rs. 224.99 Lakhs
  2.       No of Project Beneficiaries : 500 Families
  3. Project area : Lungsen RD Block, Lunglei Dist., and Sangau RD Block, Lawngtlai, Mizoram.
  4. Project Components for Livelihood intervention:
  • Rubber Plantation
  • Orange Plantation


(c) Rural Haat: AMFU has constructed Rural Haat (Vegetables/Fruits Bazar) at the following locations under the financial sistance of NABARD Regional Office, Aizawl :

            1.  Lengpui Village, Chiahpui Ram, Aizawl to Lengpui Airport roadside.

            2.  Dulte Village, Champhai District.

            3.  Keifang, Aizawl District.

            4.  Bualpui, Kolasib District.

            5.  Thenzawl, Serchhip District.


                        Besides the above points, AMFU is having many activities to uplift farmers of Mizoram and also to empower women in the society by giving training and awareness.